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Baker Hughes advances the hydrogen economy with new milestones

Baker Hughes has achieved several milestones in the hydrogen economy as it aims to advance its broader, new energy strategy.

Announced during its 24th Annual Meeting in Florence, Italy, Baker Hughes revealed it has made advancements in hydrogen-powered technologies and progress in executing customer projects and new collaborations in the sector.

The company introduced a new hydrogen testing facility for validation of its NovaLT™ industrial turbines, that run blends up to 100% hydrogen. Baker Hughes also completed manufacturing and testing of its NovaLT™ 16 hydrogen turbines for Air Products Net Zero Hydrogen Energy Complex in Edmonton, Canada.

A collaboration with HyET was established, to develop, industrialise, and commercialise an advanced hydrogen compression solution. The company also executed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Green Energy Park, designed to address multiple areas of the hydrogen value chain, from production to utilisation.

Dr Samir J. Serhan, Chief Operation Officer, said, “Baker Hughes’ advanced technology and experience are key elements of our collaboration as Air Products continues to execute some of the largest low and zero-carbon clean hydrogen megaprojects in the world.

“We are delivering tangible progress with a common goal – to drive the energy transition forward and achieve Net Zero targets.”

The new hydrogen testing facility unveiled by Baker Hughes includes a test bench that allows full load testing and complete fuel flexibility up to 100% hydrogen and features a 300-bar pressure and 2,450kg storage capacity.

The infrastructure is aligned with the highest standards of safety and security, allowing Baker Hughes to test turbines in all project conditions.

After undergoing full load testing at the hydrogen testing facility, the NovaLT™ 16 hydrogen turbines being provided for Air Products’ Canadian complex will be deployed in a variety of industrial applications, including combined heat and power, along with a pipeline and gas storage operations.

Baker Hughes also reported progress on Air Products’ hydrogen project for NEOM in Saudi Arabia, delivering the first two trains of advanced hydrogen compression to the “largest green hydrogen project in the world” through the equal joint venture of ACWA Power, NEOM, and Air Products.

Baker Hughes recently invested in expanding its manufacturing site in Modon, Saudi Arabia, further supporting the delivery of projects in the country, including NEOM, with localised testing and packaging solutions. Both projects are part of the two companies’ long-standing collaboration announced in 2021.

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Lorenzo Simonelli, Chairman and CEO of Baker Hughes, said, “These low-carbon and carbon-free energy advancements illustrate how the urgency of the energy transition has transformed customer relationships into comprehensive partnerships for innovation across several projects.

“There is no path to Net Zero without innovation and collaboration, and our work with customers and partners, including Air Products, is proving the validity the hydrogen economy and of our strategy to invest and develop innovative solutions to cover the entire hydrogen value chain.”

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