California Hydrogen Business Council releases report

California Hydrogen Business Council releases report

California’s transportation sector is one of the state’s biggest contributors to greenhouse gas emissions. Hydrogen fuel cell technologies are a key development to help reduce such emissions, according to a recently released report by the California Hydrogen Business Council (CHBC).

The CHBC 2019 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell for Freight Workshop report identifies fuel cell electric vehicles as an ideal solution to serve medium, heavy duty and off-road sectors due to their durability, long range and fast refuelling.

“Hydrogen fuel cells are a unique enabler of zero-emission transport because they can provide the same performance as diesel engines with minimal changes in operational protocols,” said Gus Block, Nuvera Fuel Cells Director of Marketing and Corporate Development and CHBC Heavy Duty, Goods Movement, and Clean Ports Sector Action Group Chair.

Total Transportation Services Inc. (TTSI), a truck fleet operator, is testing ten pilot trucks in the Port of Los Angeles and Port of Long Beach. Following in the testing, TTSI stated truck operators preferred the fuel cell electric trucks due to reduced noise and fumes.

“Eliminating greenhouse gas emissions and criteria pollutants in the freight sector will gain increasing focus from industry and government stakeholders as operating experience with zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell vehicles grows,” said Jeff Serfass, CHBC Executive Director.

“We must work together to develop a comprehensive action plan to accelerate development of commercially viable hydrogen fuel cell equipment to progressively eliminate emissions as soon as possible.”

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