Canada and Australia to increase collaboration in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

Canada and Australia to increase collaboration in hydrogen and fuel cell technologies

The Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association (CHFCA) and Australian Hydrogen Council (AHC) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to commercially deploy zero emission hydrogen and fuel cell technologies.

The MoU outlines various areas of cooperation between the Canadian and Australian sectors including identifying opportunities for joint projects in mining and transportation, exchanging market intelligence and best practices for codes and standards, developing common messages to raise awareness of the benefits of hydrogen and fuel cells, and promoting business and research collaboration.

“Hydrogen is essential to decarbonising Canada and Australia’s transportation, mining, industrial processing, and heating sectors while providing an economical and efficient choice for our citizens and industry,” said Mark Kirby, President and CEO of the CHFCA.

Fiona Simon, CEO of the AHC, added, “International collaboration is a crucial part of building a competitive hydrogen industry that drives economic growth, creates jobs and provides a new way to power industries and homes.”

“That is why the Australian Hydrogen Council is pleased to sign a MoU with the Canadian Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Association so we have a framework to share research and promote industry development in Australian and Canada.

“The hydrogen industry in Canada is ambitious, just as we are in Australia, and I look forward to working with the CHFCA to build a platform for collaboration that benefits both countries.”

Recognised internationally as a global leader and pioneer in hydrogen and fuel cell research, development and commercialisation, Canada is home to a significant concentration of hydrogen and fuel cell expertise that represents all elements within the supply chain.

“The MoU between the AHC and the CHFCA presents an opportunity to deliver additional commercial outcomes in the hydrogen sector between Australia and Canada,” says Dr. Grayson Perry, Senior Trade and Investment Commissioner at Austrade Canada.

“Increased investment, trade, research collaboration and information exchange between both countries will be a great dividend from this new partnership.”

The Australian Government unveiled its national hydrogen strategy in November 2019 and pledged AUS$300m ($191m) to jumpstart hydrogen projects with the help of low-cost financing and build the industry by 2030.

“The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service team in Australia has been actively engaging with members of the Australian Hydrogen Council, and Canadian leaders in hydrogen related technology for several years,” said Kishani Navaratnam, Trade Commissioner at the Consulate General of Canada in Sydney.

“We have observed a strong build up of momentum for investment in Australia, and are pleased that this MoU will help contribute Canadian expertise to the growth of an exciting hydrogen industry, advancing the goals of both Australia and Canada in sustainable energy and job creation.”

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