Capstone to provide hydrogen blend microturbines to Austrian company

Capstone to provide hydrogen blend microturbines to Austrian company

Capstone Green Energy revealed today (July 19) it will be providing two hydrogen blend C65 microturbines to Austrian-based Innovametall Stahl- und Metallbau for use in an ultra-low emission combined heat and power (CHP) system.

The company suggest that this will be the first hydrogen-fuelled microturbine in Europe with the system initially to run on 10% hydrogen blended with natural gas.

This amount is expected to increase as Capstone approves higher blend levels in the future with the group aiming for 30% by March 2022.

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Capstone is continuing to expand and develop its new hydrogen solutions business line with the company recently releasing its first commercially available hydrogen-based CHP product.

The system will be delivered to Innovametall Stahl- und Metallbau to provide efficient, on-site power to a powder coating production facility in Freistadt.

This will be designed in a hybrid configuration in which solar panels installed on the roof of the Innovametall industrial hall will provide renewable electricity.

The excess electricity not required for production will be used to create hydrogen that can be used to fuel the microturbines with the exhaust from the turbines expected to be captured and used in the facility’s powder coating furnace.

Darren Jamison, President and CEO of Capstone Green Energy, said, “As the world starts to take more aggressive steps to address climate change, innovative solutions like this renewable hydrogen-based system will become more commonplace.

“We aim to demonstrate, not just the successful application of renewable hydrogen as a fuel, but also the high efficiency and reliability benefits of this type of a CHP system.

“We are thrilled to offer a renewable hydrogen-based solution to meet the clean energy goals of today’s progressive businesses.”

Leopold Berger, Head of Energy Systems at Wels Strom, said, “This is an important project, particularly as the Austrian government has instituted ambitious plans to integrate hydrogen into its climate and energy strategy.”

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