CCC recognises hydrogen for a clean, net-zero economy

CCC recognises hydrogen for a clean, net-zero economy

New hydrogen and carbon capture and storage infrastructure will provide a route to establishing new low-carbon British industries.

That’s according to the Committee on Climate Change’s (CCS) most recent report to Parliament which provides advice on delivery an economic recovery that accelerates the transition to a clean, net-zero economy.

The report recognised the urgent steps that need to be taken in the coming months to initiate a green, resilient coronavirus recovery, that can be delivered through strong coordination.

Commenting on the report, Lord Deben, CCC Chairman, said, “The UK is facing its biggest economic shock for a generation. Meanwhile, the global crisis of climate change is accelerating.”

“We have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to address these urgent challenges together; it’s there for the taking.”

Announced today, the Committee’s new analysis expands on its May 2020 advice to the Prime Minister which set out the principles for building a resilient recovery.

The recognition of hydrogen in the report has been openly welcomed by the UK’s leading gas distribution network Cadent, who leads HyDeploy, the UK’s first live pilot using hydrogen to heat homes.

In a recent statant, Candent, said, “We welcome the Committee on Climate Change’s continued recognition of the critical role low carbon hydrogen will play in reaching Net Zero.”

“HyDeploy, the UK’s first live pilot using hydrogen to heat homes at Keele University, is showing that you can safely blend up to 20% hydrogen in the gas network – cutting carbon emissions without any changes needed to gas appliances or the gas network.”

“The technology is there to start hydrogen blending tomorrow. The UK needs a National Hydrogen Strategy by the end of the year to ensure a hydrogen economy can develop.”

“We welcome the Government’s moves in this area and urge them to keep up the momentum. The UK has the potential to become a world leader in this technology, bringing thousands of jobs and significant investment and playing a key part in enabling the green recovery from Covid-19.”

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