Cell Impact and Japanese NKC sign MoU

Cell Impact and Japanese NKC sign MoU

Cell Impact AB and the Japanese industrial group Nakanishi Metal Works Co. Ltd. (NKC) have signed an MoU to focus on international business development.

The partnership aims to help speed up the deployment and evolution of Cell Impact’s flow plate production technology to vehicle manufacturers worldwide.

Through the MoU, the companies will undertake joint activities aimed at identifying international business opportunities where they can offer increased benefits to customers.

“Hydrogen-based fuel cell technology is gaining momentum both in Japan and globally, and if we are to have a chance to curb the climate threat, we need to act both proactively and vigorously,” said Shigeru Nakagawa, Executive Officer, New Business Division, NKC.

“We see Cell Impact’s production method for flow plates as an exciting opportunity for the automotive industry to both be able to lower costs and increase production volumes of fuel cells.”

“The fact that major Japanese subcontractors to the automotive industry both want to invest and deepen their corporation with us is a strong indication that we are on the right track,” said Pär Teike, CEO of Cell Impact.

“In the long run, we see the opportunity, with NKC’s broad industrial know-how, and deep relationships in the automotive industry, to intensify our sales activities in relation to the international vehicle manufacturers who are now investing billions in developing vehicles based on hydrogen technology.”

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