Ceres collaborates with Linde and Bosch to validate solid oxide electrolysis technology

Ceres Power has signed contracts with Linde Engineering and Bosch to collaborate on demonstrating a 1MW green hydrogen project using its solid oxide electrolysis (SOEC) technology.

The companies intend to prepare a two-year demonstration of a 1MW SOEC system at Bosch’s site in Stuttgart, Germany, aimed at validating the technology’s performance, cost and operational functionality.

Expected to start in 2024, the project is aimed at showcasing the potential for SOEC to offer a highly efficient pathway to low-cost green hydrogen to play a role in hard-to-decarbonise industrial sectors.

Ceres has committed £100m ($121m) to the development of its SOEC technology, and says its first 100kW electrolyser module, currently on test, can deliver green hydrogen at less than 40kWh/kg, around 25% more efficiently than lower temperature technologies.

Operating on a steel backbone, Ceres says its solid oxide technology reduces operating temperatures to 550oC, as opposed to the typical 700-800oC seen in other SOECs, which the company stresses improves cost and robustness.

Linde, alongside Bosch, is planning to evaluate and qualify the SOEC technology for large-scale industrial applications.

The latest collaboration comes after, in 2022, Bosch joined Ceres and Weichai Power in an effort to increase both the industrialisation and manufacturing of fuel cells in China, with Bosch set to licence solid oxide fuel cells in the market.

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“The vision for our partnership with Linde Engineering and Bosch is to set a new industry standard for solid oxide electrolysers, leading to the widespread adoption in industrial applications,” said Phil Caldwell, CEO of Ceres.

The Ceres CEO added, “By combining Ceres’ unique technology, Bosch’s strength in scaled manufacturing and Linde Engineering’s solid expertise in hydrogen production, processing, distribution and storage, we will establish a partnership that can make our technology even more competitive and prepare it for mass market adoption at scale.”

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