CHARGE energy event to feature H2 View

CHARGE energy event to feature H2 View

H2 View’s Managing Editor Rob Cockerill will underline how hydrogen is changing the face of the energy world in Europe at energy event CHARGE today.

As well as being the first time the event has been held virtually, it is also the first time CHARGE has included a focus on hydrogen and held a session dedicated to the rapidly emerging clean fuel.

CHARGE is a platform for professionals to learn, network and get inspired by best practices in branding and communications within and outside of the energy space.

The dedicated hydrogen panel will take place from 2:35pm (GMT) through to 3:20pm and is titled, Changing Perceptions of Hydrogen: Lessons Learned Branding the Source.

Accompanying Cockerill in the panel are two speakers very familiar to H2 View, Advisory Board Member Ravin Mirchandani (Chair) and Nilsson Energy’s Martina Wettin.

Representing H2 View, Cockerill will discuss how H2 View is the mouthpiece and champion for the hydrogen industry and more importantly why, as well as explore how the publication is symbolic of the rise of hydrogen in the energy transition.

He will proceed to underline how hydrogen is changing the face of the energy world in Europe today and yet, why there is still so far to go and such vast opportunities ahead as hydrogen realises its rightful place at the heart of the clean energies transition, globally.

“There are some pieces of the puzzle that are still to come together. We still need to assemble the perception pieces of the puzzle,” Cockerill is expected to say.

“We need to align the geographical pieces of the puzzle; we have to bring together the cost-competitive and reliability pieces; and we need to complete the overall journey of branding hydrogen.”

Nilsson Energy – Award winning

Fellow pannelist Wettin is likely to be in buoyant mood after Nilsson Energy won the CHARGE award for Best Gas/Hydrogen Brand yesterday, during day one of the event.

Sweden-based Nilsson Energy is a fast-growing game-changing system integrator of complete on-site, off-grid, emission free renewable energy systems, including large-scale storage of energy in hydrogen.

Established in 2017, the company is initially focussing on creating a solid market footprint in its home market, Sweden, but is experiencing very strong customer interest from a variety of geographical markets, from the Middle East, to Asia and Africa and also Australia.

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