Chart expands its hydrogen business

Chart expands its hydrogen business

Chart Industries will supply liquid hydrogen storage and transport equipment to Plug Power and its subsidiaries under a new deal inked on Wednesday (30th September).

The two companies executed a master supply agreement which Chart received $7.8m of equipment orders from Plug Power in conjunction with.

Using 40 tonnes of liquid hydrogen per day, Plug Power is well established within the hydrogen economy.

The company has also designed constructed and operates more than 100 customer-facing hydrogen stations.

Hydrogen fuelling applications

In a statement yesterday (1st October), Chart said it is hours away from executing a formal joint development agreement and entity with one of its key hydrogen customers which will focus on developing first-of-a-kind liquid hydrogen fuelling applications.

“This agreement builds upon Chart’s 50+ years of experience designing and manufacturing hydrogen equipment for storage, transport and power applications as well as our customer’s multi-station infrastructure in the US for the expansion of fuel cell vehicles,” the statement continued.

“Timing this agreement with the California Energy Commission’s September 2020 grant funding for multi-year, multiple hydrogen fuelling stations, the future of a scalable fuelling infrastructure is accelerating and quite bright (pun intended!).”

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