Chevron commits to hydrogen

Chevron commits to hydrogen

Hydrogen can play a role in a lower carbon future, Chevron Corp Chairman and CEO Michael Wirth said as the US oil major joins the Hydrogen Council.

Hydrogen is used at Chevron refineries to refine crude and in other chemical processes.

From 2005 to 2010, Chevron operated five hydrogen filing stations at fleet operator sites using multiple technologies for on-site generation, storage and dispensing as part of a US Department of Energy (DOE) hydrogen demonstration project that included AC Transit in Northern California.

Since that time, new regulations, automaker commitments, and technology advancements have enhanced the potential of hydrogen.

Chevron is one of 22 new companies to join the Hydrogen Council, as H2 View revealed yesterday.

“Chevron has solved some of the world’s most complex energy challenges of the past. And, we continue to explore ever-cleaner energy solutions for the future,” said Wirth.

“Our support for the Hydrogen Council reflects our view that hydrogen can play a role in a lower carbon future as a transportation fuel, an industrial feedstock and an energy storage medium.”

Hydrogen Council membership supports Chevron’s approach to the energy transition and is an example of the company’s ongoing commitment to innovate and to pursue ever-cleaner energy sources.

In addition to joining the Hydrogen Council, Chevron plans to conduct hydrogen fuelling station “test-and-learn” pilots at locations in California.

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