Clean Logistics converts diesel trucks to hydrogen

Clean Logistics converts diesel trucks to hydrogen

Clean Logistics, a joint venture start-up, has received a notice of approval from the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure for the conversion of its heavy diesel trucks to hydrogen hybrid drives.

The conversion will see the Winsen-based company produce HyBat trucks with emission-free fuel cell technology and high-performance batteries for energy storage.

“With a total volume of six million euros for the development of this new technology, we are now in a position to put the first converted vehicles on the road as early as the third quarter of 2020, much faster than expected,” said Dirk Lehmann and Dirk Graszt, Managing Directors of Clean Logistics.

Following the approval, Clean Logistics will convert its existing heavy trucks into HyBat trucks using its recently developed conversion concept for heavy freight transportation.

Commenting on the truck conversion, Lehmann and Graszt, said, “This is where we rely on the use of hydrogen fuel cells in conjunction with an electric rear axle drive.”

The first HyBat trucks will have a range of 400 to 500km, using onboard hydrogen tanks with a total capacity of 45kg per truck based of H35 technology. Future vehicles are expected to achieve a significantly higher range depending on configuration and customer requirements.

In order to produce the required hydrogen, Clean Logistics is also aiming for a tax-exempt and independent supply of hydrogen from wind energy. The hydrogen produced from the wind power will then be filled into suitable tank trailers and transported to the nearest depot and exchanged for an empty trailer.

The HyBat trucks will then be filled with hydrogen from the full trailers via a mobile tank system. From leasing, Clean Logistics and its partners will be the operators of the wind turbines, resulting in fully tax-exempt fuel.

As well as hydrogen, every HyBat truck will also feature a battery system which guarantees a range of over 100km.

The Clean Logistics joint venture was founded by Höpen, HARY and Proton Motors to promote the development, design and marketing of alternative drives for the logistics industry.

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