CleverShuttle surpasses five million miles with Toyota Mirai fleet

CleverShuttle surpasses five million miles with Toyota Mirai fleet

German ride-sharing service CleverShuttle has covered more than five million kilometres with its hydrogen-powered, zero emission Toyota Mirai fleet.

In two and half years, CleverShuttle has travelled the distance from Earth to the moon and back six and a half times with its fleet, making it the world’s most used Toyota Mirai fleet.

The cooperation started in September 2017 with initially 20 Toyota Mirai’s in Hamburg and the fleet was expanded to up to 45 vehicles at several German locations.

Throughout this period, no repairs or parts changes were needed, apart from regular maintenance.

“Fuel cell electric vehicles such as Toyota Mirai became an important pillar for us thanks to their reliability,” said Jan Hofmann, Chief Operating Officer and co-founder of CleverShuttle.

“They have allowed us to provide countless passengers with comfortable rides, emitting nothing but water vapor.”

Ferry M.M. Franz, Director of Toyota Motor Europe, Berlin, added, “The experience of driving five million kilometres shows that fuel cell vehicles are already perfectly suitable for everyday use.”

“No technical defects whatsoever and the unrestricted performance of the fuel cell, with mileage up to 180,000 kilometres per vehicle so far, demonstrate the maturity and durability of Toyota’s fuel cell system.”

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