Consortium to explore hydrogen airport hub development in Spain

Airbus will study the creation of the “first” hydrogen airport hub in Spain, as part of a consortium with five other companies.

Together, Airbus, Aena, Air Nostrum, Iberia, Exolum and Respol will collaborate to attempt to decarbonise aviation in Spain. The consortium will bring together the entire value chain, from primary energy production to hydrogen ground operations.

In addition to supply and infrastructure, the consortium will focus on the specific requirements for ground operations at airports, with the ultimate goal of fostering the growth of a hydrogen aviation ecosystem in Spain.

Airbus previously launched the Hydrogen Hub at Airports programme to promote the expansion of hydrogen infrastructure in aviation, with agreements signed with partners and airports in 13 countries, including Spain, France, Germany the UK and US, among others.

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“At Airbus, the decarbonisation of aviation is one of our most important goals and the deployment of hydrogen-powered commercial aircraft with its ecosystem is one of those key levers,” explained Karine Guenan, Airbus’ Vice-President ZEROe Ecosystem.

“Given Spain’s great potential in renewables and low carbon hydrogen production, it is essential that the aviation industry as a whole collaborates to secure a future end-to-end hydrogen supply chain up to the airports.”

María José Sanz, Director of Quality and Environment at Air Nostrum, added, “As a regional airline, we can be relevant in the project because we have the necessary conditions to become the first implementers of hydrogen technology, thanks to the size of our aircraft and the average distance we fly.”

Teresa Parejo, Iberia’s Director of Sustainability, said, “Hydrogen will foreseeably be part of the future of aviation, which will come later and will complement the development of sustainable fuels; to reach that future we must start taking the first steps now.”

However, just last week (July 1), US-based Universal Hydrogen went bust after burning through cash reserves and not finding additional funding sources. A letter sent to shareholders said executives were unable to secure financing to continue operations.

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