Cummins to develop gigawatt electrolyser plant in Spain; unveils major hydrogen plans for the region

Cummins to develop gigawatt electrolyser plant in Spain; unveils major hydrogen plans for the region

Plans for what is believed to be one of the world’s largest electrolyser plants for the production of green hydrogen have today (May 24) been unveiled by Cummins.

To be located in Castilla-La Mancha, Spain, the €50m PEM electrolyser plant will have an initial capacity of 500MW a year and will be scalable to more than 1GW a year. The facility is anticipated to open in 2023, creating 350 new jobs as production ramps up.

Cummins also announced its decision to partner with Iberdrola on large-scale hydrogen production projects in Spain and Portugal.

The companies have signed an agreement to accelerate the growth of business opportunities in the electrolyser market of Iberia, promoting the green hydrogen value chain and making Spain a leader of this technology and industry.

As part of this alliance, the 230MW green hydrogen project in Palos de la Frontera (Huelva, Andalusia, Spain) – that Iberdrola has planned for the leading fertiliser producer Fertiberia – will become a benchmark for large electrolysis projects. Cummins will be the electrolyser supplier for the Palos project and through the experience acquired in the project, Iberdrola and Cummins will jointly collaborate in the design of solutions for large electrolysis projects.

Cummins and Iberdrola are also collaborating on a hydrogen refueling station in Barcelona, Spain with additional partnership and broader collaboration opportunities anticipated in the future.

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Commenting on the plans, Tom Linebarger, Chairman and CEO of Cummins, said, “Spain offers a strong and dynamic local environment for hydrogen production, and we are excited to invest here and significantly increase our manufacturing capacity in Europe.

“Our partnership with Iberdrola will connect us with a major clean energy company and strategically positions us to be a European leader in green hydrogen production. We believe that this is just the start of our expansion into new markets, bringing new clean technology to customers, and supporting efforts to bring the European Union’s Green Deal to fruition. As communities move toward zero emissions, this is the latest example of Cummins’ global effort to achieve carbon neutrality and accelerate the hydrogen economy.”

Ignacio Galán, Chairman and CEO of Iberdrola, added, “This initiative will accelerate the production of green hydrogen in Spain and will create a new industry, the manufacturing of electrolyser systems, with high growth potential. We continue to make progress in our ambitious plan to put Spain and Europe at the global forefront of this technology by reducing energy dependence and fossil fuel consumption while driving the country’s economic and social revitalisation.

“We congratulate ourselves on the choice to locate the project in a region that we value and in which we maintain a historic presence and commitment. This joint initiative will contribute to the economic, industrial and quality employment development in the region and will reinforce its great innovative commitment to a decisive technology for the decarbonisation of the industry.”

A powerful combination: Solutions, scale and resource to drive hydrogen forward

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From being one of the first in its industry to publish a sustainability report to being front and centre of the hydrogen movement today, Cummins a global technology leader steeped in environmental consciousness and solutions.

For over a century, Cummins has been designing, manufacturing, distributing and servicing a broad portfolio of power solutions, from diesel, natural gas, hybrid, electric, and fuel cell powertrains, to powertrain components and now electrolysers for hydrogen generation. Its products cover many different market segments, including buses, trucks, marine, mining, agriculture and power generation.

Hydrogen power is at the forefront of that portfolio today, particularly so since the acquisition of Hydrogenics in 2019, and builds on a focus on sustainability that has endured for many years already. Cummins is one of many high-profile members of the Hydrogen Council and Amy Adams, Vice-President of Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technologies at Cummins, told H2 View in an exclusive interview, “We are a 101-year old company and since our founding, Cummins has always been at the forefront of social justice, environmental sustainability and technology development. We are very comfortable driving change to push forward issues we care about.”

“We were one of the first in our industry to publish a sustainability report. And we were the first company to embrace more stringent emissions standards both in the US and globally.”

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