Department of Energy invests $50m in fuel research

Department of Energy invests $50m in fuel research

The US Department of Energy will invest $50m for new and innovative research of technologies for trucks and off-road vehicles, including the fuels that power them such as hydrogen and fuel cells.

Funded through the US Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE), the funding highlights the DOE’s priorities in gaseous fuel research including hydrogen, heavy duty-freight electrification, fuel cell technologies and hydrogen infrastructure.

“As the fastest growing fuel users in the US, it is important our trucking industry has access to advanced technologies, such as electrification and fuel cells, as a way to move goods efficiently and economically,” said Under Secretary of Energy, Mark W. Menezes.

“EERE has a strong track record of successful investment in the research and development of a broad portfolio of technologies, including electrification, advanced combustion engines, and fuels such as natural gas, hydrogen, and biofuels, that can significantly improve the efficiency and reduce the cost of transportation energy. These selections reinforce DOE’s commitment to sustainable transportation options.”

The funding will also help research into biopower, natural gas, heavy-duty applications and energy efficient off-road vehicles.

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