Deutsche Aircraft, Universal Hydrogen to collaborate on decarbonising aviation industry
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Deutsche Aircraft, Universal Hydrogen to collaborate on decarbonising aviation industry

Deutsche Aircraft and Universal Hydrogen have revealed today (July 21) a technical collaboration aimed at advancing the decarbonisation of aviation.

Together the two companies will complete a design study to incorporate Universal Hydrogen’s modular capsule technology into the Dornier 328 program.

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The joint effort will analyse the size and integration of the modular capsule technology for hydrogen storage into the aircraft structure and systems, aircraft weight and balance, hydrogen cost, mission performance and the hydrogen logistics network design.

In addition to this, both Universal Hydrogen and Deutsche Aircraft will work closely with regional and federal German Government and European Union entities regarding the development, production and implementation of the study and project.

Paul Eremenko, co-founder and CEO of Universal Hydrogen, said, “We see hydrogen as the only realistic approach for aviation to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

“We are tackling the biggest obstacle to near-term hydrogen adoption: its delivery and distribution to airports and aircraft globally without costly infrastructure.

“This partnership with Deutsche Aircraft will accelerate our shared goal to put aviation on a trajectory toward true zero carbon emissions.”

Martin Nüsseler, Chief Technology Officer for Deutsche Aircraft, said, “Deutsche Aircraft is committed to enter the new era of climate-neutral aviation.

“Partnering with companies that share our passion for climate-friendly design like Universal Hydrogen allow us to accelerate our vision for decarbonisation.

“We are excited to leverage Universal Hydrogen’s technical expertise to assess the safe and affordable use of hydrogen onboard our aircraft as part of our journey to zero emissions.”

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