Dominion exploring hydrogen integration into Utah gas distribution system
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Dominion exploring hydrogen integration into Utah gas distribution system

Dominion Energy is advancing its utilisation of hydrogen as a clean energy source with its first pilot project, based in Utah, US, looking to blend hydrogen into gas distribution systems.

The American power and energy company announced on Monday (19th April) it is exploring several projects that use hydrogen for clean electricity, renewable storage, transportation and manufacturing as it looks to decarbonise sectors and achieve net zero emissions.

The first pilot project is currently underway at the company’s training academy in Utah where the blending of 5% hydrogen in a test system is being used to learn how hydrogen works in gas lines and appliances.

With further knowledge and data from the tests, Dominion is hoping to blend hydrogen into a larger system that currently services more than one million gas utility customers in Utah.

A similar pilot project has also been proposed for North Carolina.

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In addition to developing its own pilot projects, the company is a lead sponsor of the Low Carbon Resources Initiative (LCRI), a five-year, $100m research and development effort focused on emerging clean energy technologies.

Mark Webb, Chief Innovation Officer at Dominion Energy, said, “Hydrogen is a huge innovation in clean energy. It’s clean energy for homes and businesses and also clean fuel for vehicles and manufacturing plants.

“Few other energy sources have the potential to do so much good, so broadly across the economy. We’re investing in hydrogen today so it can hopefully transform the clean energy landscape in five or 10 years.”

Craig Wagstaff, Senior Vice-President of Western Gas Distribution at Dominion Energy, said, “Just as we’re building solar and wind to deliver more clean energy to our electric customers, we’re developing hydrogen and renewable natural gas to deliver more clean energy to our gas customers.”

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