EDP invests €470m to build green hydrogen projects in Spain

EDP invests €470m to build green hydrogen projects in Spain

EDP has invested €470m ($573m) into Spain for the development of several hydrogen related projects that could see the company at the forefront of green developments.

The projects include green hydrogen production and energy storage.

These developments will support the autonomous community where EDP wants to contribute decisively to promoting the generation of 100% renewable energy and aid in industrial decarbonisation.

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Soto de Riberia will see EDP develop a site that could turn into a reference centre for the storage of renewable energy in addition to promote new uses of green hydrogen.

EDP has already started the processing of a mini-hydraulic power plant with hydroscrews that would take full advantage of thew waters of the Nalón river as it passes through the plant.

The renewable energy generated by both of the facilities would be poured into the grid to meet demand.

It would allow the production and storage of green hydrogen and the surplus would then be stored in two types of batteries: Lithium Ion and a combination of RedOx and second-hand batteries, for example, of vehicles.

For the new uses of green hydrogen, EDP proposes different projects.

It plans to build a new hydrogen refuelling station that will contribute to the decarbonisation of passenger and freight transport in the area, as well as promoting the decarbonisation of surrounding industry.

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The Aboño thermal power plant will stop producing with coal in 2025 with plans established to convert this strategic location into the Asturian valley of green hydrogen.

The technical and market knowledge in addition to the geographical location of the facility would guarantee the production and supply for Asturian electricity and green hydrogen industry that is necessary for its manufacturing processes.

The energy company has contemplated the start-up of a photovoltaic park in the current Aboño facilities that, added to the floating offshore wind farm with easy access to water, electrical infrastructures and the port of El Musel, would allow the necessary production and storage of green hydrogen in Aboño.

This would see green hydrogen replace fossil fuel that is currently being used in iron and steel.

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