Eight companies form e-NG coalition to create a global market

A global coalition dedicated to hydrogen-based, electric natural gas (e-NG) has been formed to raise its awareness and promote the tradability and use of the synthetic gas.

Formed by TES, Engie, Mitsubishi Corporation, Osaka Gas, Sempra Infrastructure, Tokyo Gas, Toho Gas and TotalEnergies, the e-NG Coalition will build a global market and “bolster cooperation between all stakeholders along the e-NG value chain.”

Described as a “carbon-neutral drop in solution,” e-NG is expected to accelerate the development of renewable hydrogen in a reliable, affordable and sustainable way.

TES CEO and Co-Founder, Marco Alverá, claimed the coalition will demonstrate that “strong partnerships will build a thriving, global e-NG market.”

“Collaboration is paramount to scaling up sustainable energy solutions and driving the energy transition forward,” he added.

Most of the partners involved have previously participated in e-NG-related advancements. Over the past year, TES and Osaka Gas; TES and Tokyo Gas; and TES and TotalEnergies have collaborated to advance the sector.

The latter two companies agreed to study and develop a large-scale renewable hydrogen and CO2-based e-NG production unit in the US last May (2023).

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H2 View understands the unit could produce between 100,000 and 200,000 tonnes of the synthetic gas per year, with 1GW of electrolyser powered by 2GW of wind and solar supplied by TotalEnergies to produce hydrogen.

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