ENEOS and Sumitomo award FEED study to JGC for large-scale Malaysian hydrogen project

JGC Corporation has been awarded the Front End Engineering Design (FEED) for a green hydrogen and methylcyclohexane (MCH) production plant in Malaysia.

ENEOS Corporation and Sumitomo Corporation, in collaboration with SEDC Energy, have awarded the FEED study for the plant, which is expected to produce over 90,000 tonnes of hydrogen per year.

As a company operated by the state government of Sarawak, Malaysia, SEDC Energy and the other two companies are aiming to establish a CO2-free hydrogen supply chain, produced via renewable sources from hydroelectric power plants.

H2 View understands MCH is an efficient mode of hydrogen transport, particularly for marine transportation to sites in Japan. The plant will use approximately 90,000 tonnes of hydrogen for conversion to MCH and supply 2,200 tonnes per year to local users.

JGC has been selected for the FEED study due to its “outstanding engineering technology and project execution capabilities.”

JGC Holdings is also participating in an 8,000 tonne per year hydrogen project in Malaysia, after signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Asahi Kasei and Gentari Hydrogen last November (2023).

A FEED study is anticipated to be completed for the project this year, before the start of operations in 2027.

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Malaysia released its Hydrogen Economy & Technology Roadmap (HETR) last year (2023), focusing on developing firm regulatory conditions, subsidies and building a talent pool for the industry.

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