Energy Observer to showcase technologies at Expo 2020 Dubai

Energy Observer to showcase technologies at Expo 2020 Dubai

The world’s first energy self-sufficient seagoing vessel powered by hydrogen, Energy Observer, will showcase its technologies at the Expo 2020 Dubai during the France Pavilion’s thematic fortnight dedicated to oceans.

Set to be the largest event ever staged in the Arab world, Expo 2020 Dubai will welcome 190 participating countries and millions of visitors from across the globe for a period of six months (October 2021 to March 2022), to celebrate culture, collaboration and innovation.

From 18th to 31st March 2022, the France Pavilion will dedicate its event programming to oceans, and how to discover, preserve and exploit the oceans for sustainable development, with Energy Observer playing a starring role.

“Oceans are a vital resource and therefore their conservation is crucial. France’s action in terms of ocean protection includes the fight against pollution from land-based and maritime sources and underwater noise, as well as banning single-use plastic bags,” said Erik Linquier, Commissioner General for France at Expo 2020 Dubai.

“Energy Observer explores and develops solutions to meet those objectives with its zero emission, zero fine particle and zero noise vessel.”

“I am therefore delighted to rely on this team to promote our French vision at the France Pavilion at the Dubai World Expo!”

Developed from a legendary multiple award-winning catamaran, Energy Observer is a veritable laboratory for the ecological transition, designed to push the limits of zero-emission technologies.

Hydrogen, solar, wind and water power; all solutions are experimented with, tested and optimised with a view to making clean energy a practical reality that is accessible to all.

“Participating in this Oceans fortnight with the France Pavilion could not be more meaningful for Energy Observer,” Victorien Erussard, founder and Captain of Energy Observer, said.

“Showcasing renewable energies and green hydrogen, we work every day to promote clean and silent maritime solutions.”

“As the first French ambassador for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, our actions could not be more aligned with the objectives of the World Expo and its aim to propose practical solutions for the benefit of all humankind.”

Energy Observer began its Odyssey around the world in 2017 and has so far visited 28 countries and made 63 stopovers.

As the first French ambassador for the 17 Sustainable Development Goals, Energy Observer carries France’s message on the need to preserve the planet and its ecosystems everywhere in the world.

At Expo 2020 Dubai, It will highlight the local initiatives and sustainable solutions developed by women and men around the world through audio-visual content that will illustrate the 2030 agenda in a concrete way.

Energy Observer will also present a photographic and educational exhibition on its missions and its involvement in ocean conservation by means of its zero emission and zero noise systems and as a partner of UNESCO’s Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission.

Victorien Erussard will have an opportunity to speak about those new sustainable energy solutions, based on a renewable energy mix and decarbonised hydrogen, while Katia Nicolet, Doctor in Marine Biology and Expedition Leader, will detail the consequences of indirect atmospheric and noise pollution thanks to the scientific stations onboard the catamaran.

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