Equinor triples UK hydrogen production ambitions to 1.8GW

Equinor triples UK hydrogen production ambitions to 1.8GW

Equinor is betting big on hydrogen, having announced ambitions to triple its production of low-carbon hydrogen in the UK to produce clean energy and power.

Andres Opedal, Equinor’s President and CEO yesterday (June 28) unveiled such ambitions in a meeting with UK Energy Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng and Norway’s Energy Minister Tina Bru in Oslo.

The increased hydrogen ambitions involve a further 1,200MW of low-carbon hydrogen production at the Keadby Hydrogen power station, which could be the world’s first large scale 100% hydrogen-fuelled power station.

With appropriate policy mechanisms in place, Keadby Hydrogen power station could come online before the end of the decade. The flexible, low-carbon power production from this project will be key to supporting variable renewable power production, ensuring reliable access to electricity.

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Further to that, through the H2H Saltend project Equinor will lead the development of a first-of-a-kind 600MW gas reformer which will produce hydrogen from natural gas with carbon capture.

Such development will enable industrial users at Saltend Chemicals Park and the onsite Saltend Cogeneration Power Station switch to a hydrogen fuel blend.

Together with its Humber partner products, Equinor believes that it could deliver over half of the UK’s 5GW ambition by 2030, as laid out in Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s 10-point plan.

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Confirming the company’s ambitions at the meeting, Opedal, said, “Without CCS and hydrogen, at scale, there is no viable path to net zero and realising the Paris goals. Our low-carbon projects in the UK build on our own industrial experience and will play a major role in setting the UK’s industrial heartlands in a leading position.

“The projects will also contribute to provide hydrogen and low carbon solutions to three to five industrial clusters by 2035. We will do so by working together with governments, partners and customers.”

He concluded, “Equinor has a strong track record of developing pioneering projects safely, working with suppliers to standardise and industrialise technology to reduce risk and drive costs down. This includes working closely together with local communities.”

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