Everfuel wants to establish 15 hydrogen stations in Norway by 2023

Everfuel wants to establish 15 hydrogen stations in Norway by 2023

Everfuel has today (19th March) revealed its ambition to establish 15 hydrogen refuelling stations in Southern Norway by the end of 2023, as the Danish firm unveils its station roll-out plans.

Established in 2019 as a spin-off from Nel ASA, Everfuel has made no secret of its mission to make green hydrogen commercially viable for zero emission mobility across Europe.

Today’s announcement is part of the company’s Scandinavian green hydrogen fuelling strategy for trucks, buses and cars connecting the main traffic corridors in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

The station network will initially cover the south of Trondheim in Norway and connect with Everfuel’s hydrogen stations in Sweden and Denmark, Everfuel said in a statement.

“Everfuel is committed to integrating and optimising the green hydrogen value chain at scale for zero emission mobility in Europe,” Jacob Krogsgaard, CEO and founder of Everfuel, said.

“We are taking the lead in connecting safe hydrogen production, distribution and fuelling for end-customers in our Scandinavian home market.

This puts Everfuel at the forefront of the green transition, but it will require substantial capital investment, partnerships with end-users and vehicle providers, and public financial backing.”

Everfuel said development of the Norweigan hydrogen station network is part of its ramp-up phase of the announced plan to invest €1.5bn ($1.8bn) in developing the green hydrogen value chain in Europe and reach €1bn ($1.2bn) of revenue from sale of hydrogen fuel to buses, trucks and cars before 2030.

Large-scale hydrogen fuelling networks are required for the EU and Norway to meet their climate targets.

Norway’s Institute of Transport Economics (TØI) has estimated a national requirement for 3,000 hydrogen buses and 7,000 heavy-duty trucks by 2030 to achieve targeted reductions to carbon emissions.

Everfuel said it is already in close dialogue with major transport and logistic companies seeking to reduce the footprint of their operations.

“A massive effort is underway to innovate, pursue scale effects and drive down costs across the hydrogen value chain and for the end-user vehicles,” Krogsgaard said.

“With the collective support from governments worldwide this will soon create a self-sustained profitable industry with hydrogen trucks and buses outperforming today’s fossil technology.”

Everfuel said it has mapped out the planned hydrogen station sites in Norway and will now accelerate end-customer dialogues to finalise the roll-out plan and optimise locations based on customer needs and in close cooperation with local authorities.

This will form the basis for securing sites, land-permitting applications and engaging with public funding programs, the company said.

Station locations

Currently, Everfuel is planning to open one hydrogen station at Hvam by end of April and one in Åsane outside Bergen in July 2021, both serving private vehicles.

The openings have been subject to delays due to Covid-19 travel restrictions and slower-than-expected station approval by authorities.

A large hydrogen station serving both heavy-duty trucks and small cars is scheduled to open at Alna in Oslo in July 2022.

Everfuel is also planning to start filling smaller cars at the Alna site already from the third quarter of 2021 using a mobile fuelling unit.

The next 12-15 sites are planned to be built successively towards the end of 2023.

“These sites are only a starting point for connecting Norway’s biggest cities and meeting demand from professional customers with large vehicle fleets,” said Helge Skaarberg Holen, Business Development Manager for Everfuel in Norway.

“As the volume grows, we intend to expand the hydrogen station network. This is also important to meet future international demand as hydrogen is expected to replace fossil fuel on a massive scale and transporters and tourists heading here will require hydrogen when arriving.”

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