First Hydrogen sets out green hydrogen infrastructure plans in Canada

First Hydrogen is planning to produce up to 35MW of green hydrogen using electrolysis and distribute to the Montreal-Quebec City corridor for vehicle use.

The company entered into an agreement with the City of Shawinigan for the purchase of two plots, which will be the location of its ‘first’ green hydrogen infrastructure, including facilities for hydrogen production and development of light commercial vehicles (LCV).

According to Luc Arvisais, Director of the Shawinigan Economic Development Department, the production project will be located within the J. Armand Foucher Industrial Park – which is near major Hydro Quebec substations and transmission lines – and the vehicle assembly project in the Energy Technopark.

First Hydrogen expects to assemble 25,000 vehicles per year at the facility and distribute them throughout North America in combination with its Hydrogen-as-a-Service product offering.

Feasibility engineering will begin once the agreements are fully sanctioned by the City of Shawinigan’s municipal authorities, expected to be held this month (May).

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Balraj Mann, Chairman and CEO of First Hydrogen, said, “The city and region are very well positioned, with rich renewable energy resources, developing industrial communities and a growing green energy economy.

“It will also be very important to work closely with the regional education network to create the skills required for tomorrow.”

The company’s plans align with the future Energy Transition Valley Innovation Zone and the Hydrogen Research Institute (IRH) of the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières.

First Hydrogen revealed it would begin LCV trials in the UK this month, delivering the vehicles to fleet management company Rivus, responsible for undertaking the trials.

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