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Floating hydrogen production terminal planned for the River Thames

Floating production and transport of hydrogen to businesses on the UK Thames Estuary and River is set to be explored by Lloyd’s Register (LR) and H2Terminals Limited.

The agreement will ensure the development of a wind, wave and solar plant located 100km offshore, with green hydrogen produced and converted into its liquid state onsite, before it’s transported by ship to a terminal on the Thames Estuary.

Following this, the hydrogen is transferred to floating barges where it can be converted to electricity and hot water, in addition to other byproducts created through the conversion process.

Alongside LR and H2 Terminals, supply chain partners HiDROGEN and D3IM will also participate in the initiative under the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).

H2 View understands that those involved will identify regulatory requirements, including safety cases and risk assessments, for the development of an offshore island and supply chain that will provide green power, aligning with the Thames Estuary Growth Board action plan. They will also assess the technology used, such as the qualification of containment systems.

The statement released by LR reiterated that the MOU will define an assurance programme for floating hydrogen production, hydrogen ships, classification and energy export systems.

“This project is an example of how shipping can support governments’ ambitions to decarbonise their supply chains and generate growth for their regional and national economies,” said Mark Tipping, Power-to-X Director at LR.

“This ambitious green hydrogen project, underpinned by the combined expertise of LR, H2Terminals, HiDROGEN and D3IM, will help create a sustainable logistics network along the River Thames and lay the foundations for industry to develop.”

Gerry Wilkinson, CEO at H2Terminals, added, “We will be offering thirty-year Power Purchasing Agreements direct to industry and utility companies as well as participating in the trading and capacity markets.”

Last week (July 3), two German LNG companies revealed plans to develop a floating hydrogen import terminal in Lubmin that will feed hydrogen into the country’s network.

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