Ford teams up with AVL to develop a hydrogen fuel cell powered Transit van
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Ford teams up with AVL to develop a hydrogen fuel cell powered Transit van

Ford is teaming up with AVL Powertrain UK to create a new Transit hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicle (FCEV) prototype as it further explores the use of hydrogen technologies for the mobility sector.

The project has been partially funded by the UK Government-backed Advanced Propulsion Centre and will look to explore the potential of utilising hydrogen fuel cells in the next generation of Transit vans.

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The project will look to implement a proton exchange membrane fuel cell system into the new vehicle which enables a van with much lower emissions.

It is hoped that, by supporting this project, that the UK could benefit from the exploration of hydrogen fuel cell mobility solutions and progress the application for the future.

AVL is expected to lead the development on several key areas.

This includes defining the balance of plant components and the integration of the fuel cell and hydrogen systems into the vehicle, building the fuel cell system and integration into the vehicle, and creating a digital toolset comprising of a coupled vehicle and fuel cell and cooling subsystem models.

The final area that AVL will focus on is developing the fuel cell system and hydrogen system BSW and ASW.

Dr. Bernadette Longridge, Engineering Centre Manager at AVL, said, “This exciting collaboration between Ford Motor Company and AVL Powertrain UK will not only deliver a FC demonstrator vehicle but will also provide a simulation platform for the development of such systems going forward.

“This project represents a further step in showcasing AVL Powertrain UK’s skills, whilst also providing an opportunity to further develop our UK capability and leverage AVL’s global network of skills and expertise.

“This is a collaborative project at its best”.

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