FPS launches second hydrogen-powered inland vessel

Future Proof Shipping (FPS) has launched its second hydrogen-powered inland vessel in Werkendam, the Netherlands.

H2 Barge 2, funded by the EU’s Flagships H2020 Project and Interreg’s Zero Emission Ports North Sea (ZEM Ports NS) project, started life as diesel-powered barge called FPS Waal, but underwent a hydrogen transformation.

With its cleaner lease of life, the vessel will now ship goods on the Rhine between Rotterdam, the Netherlands, and Duisburg, Germany.

Last August (2022), FPS Waal made its final voyage running on diesel to Holland Shipyards Group (HSG) in Werkendam, where it was retrofitted with hydrogen fuel cell powertrains.

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Having been stripped of all combustion engines and diesel tanks, the vessel will now be propelled by 1.2MW Ballard PEM fuel cells, battery packs and an electric drivetrain installed below deck.

The companies have said the new power system is expected to cut around 3,000 tonnes of CO2 per year while sailing on its route.

It comes as the second FPS-led retrofit of an inland vessel to hydrogen. Last May (2023), H1 Barge 1 was launched by Nike and would carry the global clothing brand’s products between Rotterdam and its European Logistics Campus in Belgium.

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“Successfully launching our second hydrogen-powered inland cargo vessel is just as important achievement as the first, not just for FPS, ZEM Ports NS and the Flagships project, but for the future of green shipping,” said Richard Klatten, CEO of FPS.

Klatten said the vessel now “sets the standard” for inland shipping and beyond.

In February 2022, FPS joined the Clean Hydrogen Partnership part-funded Flagships project to deploy its zero-emissions inland container vessels.

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Mirela Atanasiu, Executive Director of the Clean Hydrogen Partnership, said the new vessel would being knowledge on how to retrofit others with hydrogen.

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