Fuel cells to support power outages in the Philippines

Fuel cells to support power outages in the Philippines

GenCell, a manufacturer of fuel cell and power solutions, has partnered with Amorele Technology to help accelerate hydrogen fuel cell adoption in the Philippines.

By appointing Amorele to offer its fuel cell technologies, GenCell will play a part in helping the country move towards the use of green technologies and renewable energy.

Following the installation of the Philippines’ first GenCell G5 hydrogen fuel cell at the GenCell showroom in Binan, Laguna, Amorele celebrated the opening of the new facility.

The deployment of fuel cells in the Philippines will help businesses reduce their carbon footprint and help the country continue to run through power outages often caused by weather conditions or natural disasters.

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“We were immediately struck by the benefits that GenCell fuel cells could bring to our country,” said Alain Caparanga of Amorele Technology Inc.

“The GenCell Solutions with their built-in energy bridge can aid this, as well as provide the clean and reliable backup power that we lack.”

Amorele is pursuing opportunities for Philippine government units to use GenCell fuel cells within hospitals and emergency services during typhoons. This will provide power for first responders at the scenes of incidents.

GenCell’s G5 hydrogen fuel cell will also be offered to local businesses and banks to help losses that occur during power outages. The military may also adapt the technology to provide backup power for bases throughout the country.

“A growing number of Philippine companies are already looking for more sustainable power sources for primary and backup power,” Caparanga contined.

“We believe that as fuel cells complement other renewable energy sources and displace diesel with cleaner alternatives, we will see healthy uptake of the solutions across the Philippines.”

“We’re very excited to announce our partnership with Amorele today,” said Rami Reshef, CEO of GenCell Energy.

“We hope that our technology will help to improve business continuity and performance, as well as the lives of Philippine residents.”

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