Fusion Fuel, Elecnor targets the development of Spanish solar-to-hydrogen plants

Fusion Fuel, Elecnor targets the development of Spanish solar-to-hydrogen plants

A new collaboration agreement has been reached by Fusion Fuel Green and Elecnor Group that targets the development of solar-to-hydrogen plants in Spain.

The plants will use Fusion Fuel’s HEVO-SOLAR technology and leverage Elecnor’s extensive commercial footprint and expertise in the engineering, construction and development of renewable energy infrastructure projects.

In addition to this, the agreement is set to support Spain’s long-term strategic commitment to develop an extensive hydrogen refuelling network as part of its ambitious national hydrogen strategy.

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Elecnor has a significant presence in the design and construction of industrial process plants, many of which could be potential consumers of green hydrogen produced by Fusion Fuel’s technology.

Through Elecnor’s solar photovolatic subsidiary Atersa, Elecnor can manufacture and deliver the components and equipment necessary for any solar PV system, both off-grid and grid-connected.

To date, Atersa has participated in more than 60 projects around the world totalling over 1GW of capacity.

Fusion Fuel, through its Spanish JV entity, will seek to play a leading role in providing the technology capable of decarbonising the industrial and mobility sectors.

Joao Wahnon, Head of Business Development at Fusion Fuel, said, “This agreement with Elecnor will help strengthen the company’s competitive position in the Spanish green hydrogen economy.

“We are very excited to be partnering with Elecnor to bring our Spanish projects to reality. Their experience and reach will be invaluable to us in this core strategic market.”

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