FusionOne continues to commercialise its waste-to-hydrogen technology with first system operation set for Michigan, US

FusionOne continues to commercialise its waste-to-hydrogen technology with first system operation set for Michigan, US

FusionOne is continuing to progress its innovative plastic-to-hydrogen technology that could provide a key stepping stone in reducing pollution whilst additionally providing clean energy.

The method in producing hydrogen from plastic could be a key contributor to the growing hydrogen economy and, with the vast amounts of plastics produced daily around the world, the scaling of this technology could be crucial.

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Dubbed the HydroPlas Reactor, FusionOne is continuing its efforts to commercialise the technology with plastic polymer feedstocks and a number of other carbon-based waste feedstocks expected to be utilised within a first system operation in the first half of 2022.

Installation of the first reactor will be in feedstock rich Detroit, Michigan, US, with final components arriving for full system commissioning in late February 2022.

FusionOne has focused itself on securing its supply chain within North America and is pleased to have built strong relationships with key component suppliers able to meet FusionOne’s growth plans over the coming years.

Additional sites are expected to be announced in early 2022.

This could be a major development for the wider US hydrogen market with a new technology entering the market and set to be commercialised allowing more companies to produce hydrogen.

Elliott Talbott, CEO of FusionOne, said, “As we have been finalising fabrication of the HydroPlas Reactor™️, we have actively engaged with hydrogen industry leaders, particularly in the US and European hydrogen mobility sectors, to develop key relationships and identify additional sites for deployment of our reactor in strategically significant locations in support of efforts by global governments which are focused on combatting climate change.

“We at FusionOne see ourselves as a key component of these strategies and developing the infrastructure and hydrogen supply chain required to support these governments.”

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