Gas Infrastructure Europe makes appointment

Gas Infrastructure Europe makes appointment

Gas Infrastructure Europe (GIE) has appointed Dr. Axel Wietfeld, Uniper Energy Storage’s Managing Director, as the new President for Gas Storages.

Since 2016, Dr Axel Wietfeld has been Managing Director of Uniper Energy Storage. Prior to that, he held a number of executive positions in the gas supply and renewables businesses of E.ON/Uniper in Germany, the United Arab Emirates, Hungary and South Africa.

“I am honoured to have been elected as the President of Gas Storage Europe (GSE) and would like to thank the members for their trust,” said Wietfeld, commenting on his new role.

“At this time of rapid policy changes, we will continue to engage with various stakeholders on the value of underground gas storages as essential pillars of a flexible and integrated energy system.”

“In light of my future position as Managing Director of Uniper’s new hydrogen business line, I am excited to expand on the hydrogen readiness of storage assets together with GIE members operating gas storages.”

The importance of storage in the context of the increasing need for flexibility has been positively recognised in the European Commission’s latest strategies on hydrogen and energy system integration – and Dr Wietfeld is committed for the European gas storages to deliver on that.

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