Germany, Namibia ink hydrogen cooperation agreement

Germany, Namibia ink hydrogen cooperation agreement

Germany and Namibia are joining forces in the world of hydrogen.

The two countries on Wednesday (August 25) established a formal hydrogen partnership.

A first for Namibia, the agreement will see the two countries pursue feasibility studies to implement joint hydrogen pilot project and to strengthen capacity building for trained professionals.

Under plans for the feasibility study, it is hoped that production of hydrogen in Namibia will be a success. The study will also explore potential exportation of hydrogen into Germany from the South African country.

Namibia will also trial hydrogen-powered transportation under the plans. Already a leader in such sector, Germany will be able to support Namibia on its hydrogen journey as it lays the foundations for a cleaner, greener future.

Commenting on the plans, Federal Research Minister Anja Karliczek, said, “The global race for the best hydrogen technologies and the best sites for hydrogen production is already on.

“We believe that Namibia has an excellent chance of succeeding in this competition. We want to take this chance together. I am proud that Germany is the first country to officially form a hydrogen partnership with Namibia.”

The Federal Research Ministry has already committed up to €40m in funding from the economic stimulus package for cooperation within the framework of the partnership.

In laying out plans for the agreement, Germany recognised Namibia’s withstanding renewable energy sources such as high wind speed, solar power and sunlight.

“Namibia has enormous potential for scaling up a green hydrogen industry,” Minister Karliczek continued.

“It has a lot of vast unused space. High wind speeds in Namibia mean that the generation of wind power is particularly profitable. Solar power harbours an even greater potential thanks to over 3,500 hours of sunshine per year. This is almost twice as much as Germany has to offer.”

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