Germany’s 70th hydrogen station opens

Germany’s 70th hydrogen station opens

A new hydrogen station was opened in Germany last Friday (10th May), bringing the total amount of public hydrogen stations in the country to 70.

H2 Mobility Deutschland, Linde and PS Union jointly opened the federal state’s second hydrogen station on PS Union grounds at Blücherstraße 7.

By the beginning of 2020, hydrogen car drivers will have around 100 stations at their disposal across Germany.

Dr. Christian Bruch, Member of the Executive Board of Linde AG, said, “Hydrogen technology plays a decisive role in the successful spread of electromobility – and Linde technologies ensure high efficiency at all key points in the value chain.”


Source: H2 Mobility Deutschland

Volker Ciesiolka, Chairman and Managing Director of PS Union and JEZ! mobil, added, “The opening of the hydrogen filling station completes our multi-energy filling station at the PS Union headquarters.”

“Alongside conventional fuels, hydrogen can now finally be added to natural gas and electricity.”

“I am very confident that all these types of drive will continue to exist going forward and will become established in accordance with their areas of use and application.”

“We are very proud that we are already able to offer ‘company car-sharing’ of hydrogen vehicles through our JEZ! mobil car-sharing platform.”

“In the future, we also plan to expand hydrogen vehicles in the free-floating category, to be able to promote electromobility in this type of use as well.”

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