Green hydrogen demonstration drives zero emission future in Australia

Green hydrogen demonstration drives zero emission future in Australia

Southern Green Gas and the University of Newcastle today (7th April) refuelled a Hyundai Nexo with green hydrogen generated by new, state-of-the-art technology in Sydney, Australia.

Held at Hyundai Australia’s refuelling station, the live demonstration used technology aimed at creating carbon-neutral energy from Australian R&D and renewable resources.

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This is achieved through extraction of water and carbon dioxide from the atmosphere which is then used to create fuel cells that are both sustainable and transportable in existing gas pipeline infrastructure.

A key component of Southern Green Gas’ technology portfolio is atmospheric water generation, which has been developed in partnership with the University of Newcastle, and will be trialled through a joint demonstration project with leading energy infrastructure company APA Group.

The new carbon neutral natural gas can then be used for power generation or be reformed back into hydrogen to serve the energy needs of battery electric or hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles.

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Rohan Gillespie, Managing Director of Southern Green Gas, said, “Renewable methane has enormous potential to decarbonise the global mobility sector.”

“We believe this technology represents an important pathway in achieving zero emissions driving worldwide and we are excited to work with our technology partners to make this vision a reality.”

Southern Green Gas is supported by its technology partners – specialty gas supplier Coregas, electrolyser manufacturer Enapter and Haskel’s Hydrogen Systems Group, a division of Haskel that supports global refuelling infrastructure for hydrogen mobility.

Alan Watkins, Executive General Manager of Coregas, said, “Coregas is actively supporting innovations that will drive a clean energy future for Australia and is proud to be working with local players achieving significant milestones towards a cleaner energy future.”

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