Green hydrogen hub set for the Canary Islands

Green hydrogen hub set for the Canary Islands

Enagás and DISA will promote the development of a green hydrogen hub in the Canary Islands dubbed the ‘Canarian Renewable Hydrogen Cluster Hub’.

The hydrogen cluster will require an investment of €100m ($121m) for its first phase and will aim to bring together 20 institutions around the common objective to decarbonise the archipelago.

This will be done by promoting the production, distribution and commercialisation of green hydrogen in the region.

The infrastructure planned for this first phase will have a capacity to produce about 1,000 tonnes of green hydrogen per year, this could reduce CO2 emissions by 10,400 tonnes.

The project foresees the production of green hydrogen in two plants, located in each of the capital islands.

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The condition for green hydrogen is for it to be produced from 100% renewable energy sources, such as solar or wind, which will be used to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen.

In the project, designed for the Canary Islands by DISA and Enagás, the water will be sourced from the sea and will also be subjected to a desalination process with the energy also traced from renewable sources.

The commercialisation of green hydrogen, foreseen in this initiative, is integral and transversal to several sectors of activity, since it will allow progress in the decarbonisation of energy, industry, mobility and the services sector.

In the transportation sector, the project contemplates making investments in logistics systems and the opening of around 30 hydrogenerators in the Canary Islands before 2030, for direct supply to vehicles.

This will also see hydrogen utilised in various other sectors such as maritime and tourism to create a hydrogen hub that accelerates the adoption for the fuel of tomorrow.

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