Greenfield Global and Hy2gen Canada form joint venture

Greenfield Global and Hy2gen Canada form joint venture

Greenfield Global Inc., Canada’s largest ethanol producer, and Hy2gen Canada, a green hydrogen focused company, have entered into an agreement to develop and operate an industrial scale green hydrogen production facility in Varennes, Quebec.

The new facility which will be established through the joint venture will feature the latest electrolysis technologies powered by hydroelectricity. The facility will originally be built at 29 MW with potential to be expanded to 80 MW in 2024 in order to meet demand.

“Greenfield Global and Hy2gen Canada coming together is driven by our shared values and mission to reduce the impacts of fossil fuels by providing the greenest, most sustainable energy products for our customers, communities, and ultimately, the health of the planet,” said Howard Field, Greenfield President and CEO.

The green hydrogen produced from the facility can be used in industrial, transportation, and mobility sectors, as well as property solutions and will help deploy clean and sustainable hydrogen in Montréal, Quebec.

“The demand for green hydrogen is increasing vertiginously, however, the commercial market is still at an embryonic stage,” said Cyril Dufau-Sansot, CEO of Hy2gen.

“Our green hydrogen and hydrogen-based production at competitive prices and our networks will allow us to reach across different sectors, including the hard-to-abate ones. With low switching costs, the clients will realise that it is very possible to reduce the impacts of environmental crisis by using our products.”

“Quebec is an ideal location to establish carbon-free hydrogen production give its abundant hydroelectric and the strong government commitment to reducing greenhouse gases,” said Jean Roberge, Executive Vice-President and Managing Director of Renewable Energy at Greenfield Global.

“Our vision, from the onset, is to expand our operations and expertise to help develop a hydrogen hub in the Greater Montréal area that is capable of expansion into fast-growing markets in North America, Europe, and Asia.

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