H/Cell Energy Corporation makes company changes

H/Cell Energy Corporation makes company changes

H/Cell Energy Corporation has changed its name to Vision Hydrogen Corporation and announced a change of focus for the company.

Along with the name change, the Dallas-based company is increasing its focus on the production of hydrogen for clean energy applications including transportation and power requirements.

The company has said that the changes are in line with the recent investment made in VoltH2 Holdings, a Swiss corporation developing scalable green hydrogen production projects primarily in Europe.

Andrew Hidalgo, CEO of H/Cell Energy Corporation, said, “H/Cell Energy Corporation has put forth significant efforts in developing solutions for the hydrogen economy. Our initial focus in off grid hydrogen energy systems has yet to develop fully and has caused us to change to the more lucrative hydrogen production market.”

“We believe that changing out hydrogen market focus to hydrogen production will deliver better shareholder value in the year ahead. Looking forward, we are encouraged with the opportunities that exist in the evolving hydrogen economy.”

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