H2 View launches Class of H2 to enhance knowledge and business rationale of hydrogen economy

At a time when hydrogen is the new gold rush for so many investors and start-ups alike, and the skills gap risks becoming the skills gulf, H2 View’s Class of H2 presents a series of training modules to bring your hydrogen fundamentals up-to-speed. 

It’s not only the science behind hydrogen that needs to be addressed, but the need to identify the business case, sense-check the opportunity, and find your best fit in this evolving marketplace. 

Those signing up to the Class of H2’s interactive modules, delivered by Stephen B.Harrison from sbh4 consulting, can access a masterclass of hydrogen knowledge and expertise, either through individual classes or as part of a package of training. 

Class of H2 believes in content that matters, disrupting the complacency in hydrogen awareness and understanding, and informed investments that make hydrogen happen. 

From each training module you can expect: 

  • 90 minutes masterclass on the topic from recognised experts in their field 
  • 30 minutes audience Q&A per module (moderated) 
  • 30 minutes commercial case study and Q&A (moderated) 
  • Paper/slide deck of core training module provided (digitally) to all participants, post-webinar 

 Class of H2’s inaugural series of training modules get underway with: 

  1. Hydrogen 101: An introduction to hydrogen and the hydrogen value chain
  2. An introduction to hydrogen derivatives: e-fuels and green ammonia
  3. Electrolysis, reforming, and gasification: Key pathways for low-carbon and green hydrogen production
  4. Turquoise hydrogen technologies, methane pyrolysis and solid carbon
  5. Biomass as a pathway to green and low-carbon hydrogen
  6. High-capacity underground hydrogen storage for energy and power balancing

Why attend? 

  • Build your knowledge of hydrogen and its critical role in the energy transition 
  • Better understand the science behind hydrogen and the pathways to its production 
  • If you’re a business leader, challenge your thinking, critique your business model and ensure you’re best positioned to succeed in this competitive market 
  • If you’re hands-on in hydrogen on the ground, sharpen your knowledge of the molecule and ‘how it works’ as well as the technologies that make it happen 
  • If you’re an investor, lean more about your investment and the sector you’re operating in

Rob Cockerill, Content Director at H2 View, said we’re increasingly hearing – and writing – about the skills gaps in hydrogen and other nascent clean energy sectors, and the sheer scale of the challenge that we’re up against in closing those gaps, so H2 View is delighted to launch this dynamic new training platform.

He said, “Class of H2 is yet another sign of us continuing to deliver against our aims at H2 View to not only be the champion of hydrogen but also to provide the critical thinking, learning and analysis that will challenge and advance the potential of a hydrogen society.”

Cockerill continued, “It’s fitting that this launch comes on the eve of H2 View’s fourth anniversary. Having established ourselves as the leading global hydrogen publication through our highly engaged print and digital platforms for news, views and information, we’ve added international events, popular virtual events, and a class-leading webinars service to our offering through the years.

“Now, we add training and academic capabilities via Class of H2. We’re proud that we continue to provide such a growing portfolio of services to this sector that we know and love, and keep the hydrogen community more connected than ever.”

For more information and to book your training sessions, click here. Alternatively, reach out to the Class of H2 team at H2 View at +44 1872 225031 or [email protected].

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