H2 View London Day 2: Plugging in the ecosystem and missing link of electrolysers

Day two at the H2 View London Summit kicked off with a reassuring positive with delegates hearing there are “tens of thousands” of fuel cell cars on the road, mostly in Korea and California.

It was a stark reminder of the global nature of the hydrogen business, as delegates took their seats on the top floor of the Science Museum, overlooking London’s Westminster and city skyline through striking panoramic windows.

Dr. David Hart from E4tech, drawing on his 30 years’ industry experience, said, “Things are looking really good for fuel cells, with a significant rise in the number of fuel cells deployed and a doubling of fuel cell power. There are lots of developments in the sector, though a lot of it gets masked by the noise about the roll-out of green hydrogen, and that’s not wrong – the important thing is pushing out decarbonisation, and making sure we keep up with supply and demand, a key theme from the first day’s discussion.”

He said we have seen a doubling of power installed to 2GW over the year – after 20 years getting to 1GW – although 1GW encompasses the entire industry, equivalent to the size of a single power plant in California. “So in the context of everything that’s going on globally, it’s still very small, and very fragmented,” he said.

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