H2Accelerate supports hydrogen trucks deployments in Europe with its latest whitepaper

H2Accelerate supports hydrogen trucks deployments in Europe with its latest whitepaper

H2Accelerate, formed of Daimler Truck, IVECO, Volvo Group, OMV, Shell, and TotalEnergies, has today (August 24) set out its expectations for the developing fuel cell truck and hydrogen infrastructure market in Europe.

Such expectations have been laid out in a brand-new white paper, titled Expectations for the fuel cell truck market, in which the consortium also explores potential policy support that will need to be explored in order to achieve net-zero trucking in the continent.

As laid out in the paper, H2Accelerate expects Europe to have three planned phases of hydrogen truck deployment to help support its decarbonisation goals. The group believes that the first phase, “learning by deployment”, has already started and will continue until 20205.

Within this time, the first few hundred of hydrogen-powered trucks will be deployed to customers and will use the currently hydrogen station network which, in some areas, is fairly restricted. Whilst H2Accelerate states that the existing hydrogen network will be utilised, it does believe that new station designs will be worked on during this time.

After this, the consortium beleived the second phase will be held from 2025 and 2028 and will be where “industrial scale up” takes place. Here, the first series production of trucks will occur, and vehicles will be deployed in their thousands. In this phase, the refuelling network will grow across Europe, along key transport corridors – a key component for the ever-developing hydrogen mobility market in Europe.

And finally, the “sustainable growth” phase will take place beyond 2028 where economies of scale have helped to reduce prices across the supply chain and public funding support can be progressively withdrawn in favour of supportive sustainable policy measures.

H2Accelerate explained that to achieve such vision, joint commitments from truck manufacturers, hydrogen providers, vehicle customers and member state governments are needed.

On the latest whitepaper, Ben Madden, H2Accelerate spokesperson, said, “It has never been clearer that actions to enable the decarbonisation of road freight must be set in motion immediately if climate targets are to be achieved.

“The latest whitepaper from the H2Accelerate collaboration demonstrates the commitment from participants to invest in scaling up this vital sector, and support policymakers to take the necessary steps to catalyse these investments.”

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