H2SHIPS project sets sail

H2SHIPS project sets sail

A new hydrogen-powered port vessel will be built in Amsterdam as part of a pilot project aiming to foster the creation of a hydrogen supply chain for water transport.

Based in the North West Europe (NWE) area, the H2SHIPS project will also develop and test a hydrogen refuelling system suitable for open sea operation in Belgium.

A further major output will be an action plan for the implementation of a H2SHIPS pilot on the River Seine in Paris in 2022.

H2SHIPS will demonstrate the technical and economic feasibility of hydrogen bunkering and propulsion for shipping and will identify the conditions for successful market entry for the technology.

The project will run for three years, ending in July 2022. By then, a port vessel will be converted to hydrogen and be fully operational, saving considerable CO2 emissions.

By 2032, a total of 58 hydrogen-powered boats are expected for the project region.

The H2SHIPS project will be officially launched on 27th August (2019) in Belgium.

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