HDF Energy wants to become a ‘global benchmark’ in hydrogen-to-power generation

HDF Energy wants to become a ‘global benchmark’ in hydrogen-to-power generation

HDF Energy has revealed its intention today (Sep 14) to “significantly step up” its commercial development and become a “global benchmark” in hydrogen-to-power generation.

In its half-year financial report, HDF Energy said the €115m raised by a successful IPO in June gives the French firm the funds it needs to support the next stages of its development in which it will significantly step up commercial deployment.

A leader in the development of hydrogen power projects, HDF Energy said it will capitalise on this “pioneering position” to become a “global benchmark” in the development of continuous and on-demand power plants based on hydrogen and renewable energies.

To deliver on this, the company is rapidly deploying sales teams in seven regions: Europe, North Africa and the Middle East; Southern Africa; Asia; Oceania; Latin America; Caribbean; and North America.

Additionally, HDF Energy is steering the development of its high-power fuel cell production plant in Blanquefort, southwestern France, and is currently applying for the requisite building permits alongside Patriarche, the architectural firm selected for the project.

“In the first half of 2021, HDF Energy hit a number of key milestones in its development through the IPO, which resulted in two strategic partners, Rubis and Teréga, acquiring a stake in the company alongside prominent French and foreign institutional investors and a number of retail investors,” said Damien Havard, Chairmand and CEO of HDF Energy.

“The resounding success of the IPO illustrates the major potential of our markets and the merits of our positioning.

“This IPO has given the company the funds it needs to accelerate its development in the hydrogen power market, which is booming worldwide.”

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