Horizon ships fuel cell system to South Korea for UTP project

Horizon ships fuel cell system to South Korea for UTP project

Singapore-based Horizon Fuel Cell Technologies has shipped a containerised 200KW Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel cell system to Ulsan, South Korea, as part of the ambitious Ulsan Technopark (UTP) project.

The UTP project aims to achieve 1MW of electricity generation using waste hydrogen available in the progressive industrial city of Ulsan.

The 200KW containerised solution, shipped out of Horizon’s new production facility in Rugao, China, is based on the company’s 30KW liquid-cooled fuel cell modules.

This is the first major project to use the latest liquid-cooled fuel cell stacks from Horizon, which deliver incredibly simple balance-of-plant for integration and deployment, opening the door to myriad applications where today’s air-cooled PEM stacks can’t reach due to power limitations.

Horizon fuel cell system

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George Gu, Horizon CEO, commented,”The 200KW system recently sent to UTP in South Korea may be the first stationary generation application for our liquid-cooled PEM fuel cells, but we have already integrated them into buses and delivery trucks for a number of Chinese partners in the rapidly developing Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) market.”

“We recently became the first supplier in China to provide the option of Government Certified 40kW modules for vehicle applications.”

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