HRS and Simplifhy partner with hydrogen refuelling stations in Italy
HRS and Simplifhy partner with hydrogen refuelling stations in Italy

HRS and Simplifhy partner with hydrogen refuelling stations in Italy

HRS and Simplifhy have teamed up to pursue hydrogen refuelling station opportunities in Italy.

On July 1, the Italian government allocated €530m from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP) to experiment with hydrogen for rail and road transport.

The country aims to build at least 40 refuelling stations for light and heavy vehicles by 2026.

This non-exclusive agreement will make it possible to offer HRS’ hydrogen refuelling solutions on the Italian territory with a dedicated and experienced local technical support, while reducing the projects’ on-site installation costs and necessary time.

Drawing on its near 20-year experience, French company HRS designs, manufactures, markets and maintains hydrogen refuelling stations for all vehicle types.

Its expertise has led to the development of stations with key competitive advantages in technical matters, such as the standardisation of elements that are different depending on the project, and commercial, such as optimised time to market.

Simplifhy is the first Italian firm to propose strategies and decarbonisation systems for the industry, through the deployment of technologies based on the use of hydrogen as a vector of energy, but also of alternative fuel.

Across the Alps, Simplifhy develops customised and integrated hydrogen production, compression, storage and refuelling solutions, with expertise in installation, service and support.

Hassen Rachedi, Chairman and CEO of HRS, said,“HRS and Simplifhy share a common view that hydrogen should be at the service of decarbonisation. This partnership aims at boosting the hydrogen market at the European level, a necessary step toward achieving the ecological transition.”

It dovetails with HRS’ strategy, which aims at increasing its production capacity, while respecting the toughest standards of quality and reliability for its products and expanding to new markets.

Adamo Screnci, Deputy CEO of HRS, said Italy is undoubtedly in a good position to become a market leader in the development of hydrogen.

“Especially since the country’s gas pipeline network is among the most developed in Western Europe, which will eventually be used to transport hydrogen produced from renewable electricity in the country,” he said.

Sergio Torriani, Chairman and CEO of Simplifhy, said it partners with top companies in order to accelerate competitive and ready-to-deliver solutions.

Torriani said, “With HRS’ leadership team, we can create a value proposition in the Italian market, delivering a complete supply chain of production, storage and distribution with the highest standards of safety, quality and reliability.”

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