Hy-Hybrid Energy focuses on heavy duty transport

Hy-Hybrid Energy focuses on heavy duty transport

Hy-Hybrid Energy, a Scotland-based clean energy company, is conducting a feasibility study to explore the hybrid fuel cell systems drivetrain for heavy-duty transport.

The study will examine proton exchange membrane fuel cell (PEMFC) and solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) technologies for heavy-duty transport for road, rail, marine and aviation applications.

“Both PEMFC and SOFC technologies have a place in the transport sector, it is very important to select the right one with respect to particular application and scale size,” said Dr. Naveed Akhtar, Hy-Hybrid Energy CEO.

“It is not that far that you will see both PEMFC & SOFC technologies working together, even in one application – as our slogan says: The future will be hydrogen-based hybrids.”

Hy-Hybrid Energy: The future will be hydrogen-based hybrids

“New markets are opening new technologies are emerging and we are positioning ourselves to be at the forefront to lead the transformation from fossil fuels to hydrogen mobility.”

The study will evaluate the role of coupled PEMFC and SOFC systems for various onboard energy/power requirements, such as, main propulsion, hotel load, range-extender and auxiliary power supply.

The degree of hybridisation between the two fuel cell systems and onboard battery/supercapacitor energy storage will play an active role in the overall hybrid systems design.

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