Hydrogen-based microgrid demonstration project successfully completed

Hydrogen-based microgrid demonstration project successfully completed

Angstrom Advanced Inc., a parent company of Verde LLC, has successfully constructed a microgrid hydrogen-based power-storage system demonstration project, the first-of-its-kind.

The process behind the project lasted nearly two years, from the initial approval by MassCEC in July (2017) to the end project in May (2019).

Hydrogen-based power storage, such as the microgrid system, is continually gaining more recognition as a more viable and sustainable alternative. The project aims to further demonstrate the advantages of the perspective.

The success of the project has proved the feasibility of establishing and implementing “Hydrogen Energy Communities” or “Hydrogen Cities”.  In such scenario, hydrogen would be the critical medium in bring together renewable energy, power, heat and utilities, and the ability for grid peak-shift.

Hydrogen can also be used as a backup power source, as well as for fuel for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles.

The ultimate goal of “Hydrogen Energy Communities” is to take hydrogen as a clean, zero emission energy source to achieve sustainable development.

The development of the system is a result of both technological progress and industrial development.

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