Hydrogen buses and station planned for French airport

Hydrogen buses and station planned for French airport

Toulouse-Blagnac airport in France will install a new hydrogen station to power four hydrogen fuelled buses in 2020.

The new station will supply hydrogen for the buses which will be operated by Transdev, a French international private public transport operator.

The buses will run on the airport runways, transporting passengers between the terminals and airplanes. The buses will also provide shuttles between the terminal and far carparks.

“The use of hydrogen buses for our airport is the first major achievement of the plan led by Occitania Region and its President, Carole Delga, to make Occitania the first region with positive energy by 2050,” said Philippe Crébassa, President of the Management Board of Toulouse-Blagnac Airport.

“By hosting a production and hydrogen distribution built by HyPort, Toulouse-Blagnac airport confirms its commitment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve quality air on the platform.”

“This ambitious project is also the first response of the airport to the commitment we made in the framework of the European Net Zero 2050 programme, to ensure a reasoned and sustainable development of our activity.”

The deployment is part of the national project HyPort, launched by the Occitaine region, via AREC and ENGIE Cofely, and part of the European project JIVE2, receiving co-funding from the FCH-JU.

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