Hydrogen Forward members call on President Biden to establish clear strategy for hydrogen investment

Hydrogen Forward members call on President Biden to establish clear strategy for hydrogen investment

Ten proven heavyweights and progressive innovators in energy have urged the US Government to establish a clear strategy for hydrogen investment through mass-scale infrastructure, development, and deployment, in a letter to the White House.

The letter, shared with H2 View, sees Air Liquide, Anglo American, Bloom Energy, CF Industries, Chart Industries, Cummins, Hyundai, Linde, McDermott and Toyota call on President Joe Biden to introduce the “right policies” so that the US does not “fall behind globally when it comes to hydrogen technology”.

The call comes just days after President Biden unveiled the American Jobs Plan, through which the government will invest $15bn in demonstration projects for climate research and development (R&D), including hydrogen and utility-scale energy storage.

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“Investments in US infrastructure and workforce will be key to unlocking a more sustainable and equitable future for all Americans,” the ten companies, which are all members of Hydrogen Forward, said in the two-page letter sent on Wednesday (7th April).

“We agree that hydrogen technologies are an essential part of achieving emissions reduction goals and a more sustainable economy, as we continue to ‘Build Back Better’. With the right policies, we can ensure that the US does not fall behind globally when it comes to hydrogen technology,” the letter continues.

“Already available technologies allow hydrogen to store, use, and transport energy while generating low or no carbon footprint. As the most abundant element in the universe, all 50 states have the ability to produce hydrogen by a variety of domestic fuel sources – including hydrocarbons, biomass, water, wind, nuclear, and solar.”

“Because of these unique properties and more, hydrogen can enable large-scale, efficient renewable energy integration into the nation’s power grids, decarbonise important sectors like infrastructure, transportation, and building heating, and utilise the nation’s existing pipeline infrastructure for distribution.”

“Today, hydrogen is the only zero emission technology capable of producing the extreme heat necessary for the production of cement, steel, glass, and other industrial materials, making it the ideal energy and storage mechanism to help meet the decarbonisation needs of those and other energy-intensive industries.”

“In the power sector, hydrogen can put the US on the path to net-zero emissions power generation while strengthening the nation’s grid system. Already, hydrogen is enabling utilities across the country to harness wind, solar, and other renewable energy sources and incorporate it at scale into the power grid.”

“And when faced with unpredictable weather events, hydrogen will be critical to strengthening the nation’s grid system. In fact, fuel cell technologies are already being used by hospitals and other essential services to act as a primary and backup fuel source, allowing healthcare workers to continue lifesaving operations during hurricanes, rolling blackouts, and other emergencies,” the letter reads.

Since his inauguration in January, President Biden has made a lot of plans when it comes to hydrogen and clean energies, a move that was music to the hydrogen industry’s ears as the sector gears up to help progress a Clean Energy Revolution and Environmental Justice in the US.

It’s expected Biden will make a $2 trillion accelerated investment, with a plan to deploy those resources over his first term, some of which will go towards innovation and driving dramatic cost reductions in critical clean energy technologies including renewable hydrogen.

Hitting the ground running, day one of Biden’s presidency saw the US re-join the Paris Climate Agreement, following Trump’s withdrawal from the international treaty in November 2020.

In his first 100 days in office, Biden said he will convene a climate world summit to directly engage the leaders of major greenhouse gas-emitting nations to persuade them to join the US in making more ambitious national pledges, above and beyond the commitments they have already made.

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“The US has a unique opportunity to take a leadership role in the development and integration of hydrogen-related technologies. We look forward to working with your administration to create a more sustainable, equitable, and just future for all Americans,” the letter concludes.

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