Hydrogen Optimized: Four generations of hydrogen innovations

Hydrogen Optimized: Four generations of hydrogen innovations

Launched to the public earlier this year, Hydrogen Optimized may seem new to the hydrogen market but the company’s history spans over 115 years and four generations.

In February this year, the Canadian company was launched by President and CEO, Andrew Stuart with a goal to deploy its technology and accelerate large-scale adoption of renewable hydrogen production.

Despite its modern-day launch, hydrogen has been in the Stuart blood ever since Stuart’s grandfather pioneered water electrolysis which utilised surplus hydroelectricity to produce hydrogen and oxygen for the chemical, industrial and energy markets.

115 years after the family’s first hydrogen innovation, H2 View spoke exclusively to Stuart to celebrate the recent official launch of Hydrogen Optimized and find out about the company’s deep history.

“Coming from a family who has advocated for green hydrogen for over a century, it is rewarding to see the industry thrive,” Stuart tells H2 View.

“Four generations of Stuarts have advanced water electrolysis technology using renewable energy. Decades ahead of time, my father Alexander Stuart conceived and developed large-scale 100 MW water electrolysis plant configurations.”

“I was a part of a team that implemented a 15 MW system built in Brazil, which integrated a 50 MWh hydrogen storage system, allowing for intermittent production of hydrogen and a constant flow of hydrogen to the chemical plant.”

Following in the family footsteps, Stuart led many green hydrogen projects, such as in 1990, developing a solar hydrogen vehicle fuelling system, which, with the rest of his experiences, inspired the innovations now developed under the Hydrogen Optimized name.

“I spearheaded the world’s first solar hydrogen vehicle fuelling system and can still recall successfully filling a Mazda RX7 hydrogen car through a metal hybrid system in Toronto, Canada.”

“Following this unprecedented achievement, we demonstrated green hydrogen technology in multiple locations in California with Sun Line Transit and in British Columbia with BC Transit.”

Speaking to Stuart, who was then CEO of the Stuart Family company, Stuart Energy Systems, he explains that after its hydrogen vehicle fuelling innovations the company then became part of Hydrogenics which has since been acquired by Cummins.

Since his eventful entrance into the hydrogen market, Stuart’s focus has been on pursing numerous hydrogen technologies such as direct reduction of iron ore, production of green hydrogen through gasification and other hydrogen related pursuits.

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Driving green hydrogen solutions

Although Hydrogen Optimized opened its door to the public in February this year, the company was actually formed in 2017 to drive focus on green hydrogen solutions through forward-thinking water electrolysis technology.

Today as a fully-fledged company, the company has seen major develops and is now continuing work on its hydrogen technology centre in Ontario, Canada, which serves as a demonstration of their novel hydrogen technology in commercial use and serves to enable further advancements in technology.

With the new facility allowing the company to scale up production, Hydrogen Optimized is carrying out various discussions with industry leaders to advance large-scale green hydrogen production globally.

“We are finding that key entities see our approach as refreshing and enabling their participation in the hydrogen market,” Stuart explains.

“Our unparalleled approach is to connect the natural world and the human engineered world. Our Green ConnectTM technology enables this and we are discussing this deployment opportunities with a range of companies.”

“But like others in the industry, our company needs to scale immediately to meet the exponential growth and demand for large-scale renewable hydrogen systems. That is our top priority.”

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