Hydrogen-powered drones to be equipped with AI Clearing technology

Hydrogen-powered drones to be equipped with AI Clearing technology

Hydrogen-powered drones just became more advanced, thanks to a new deal between AI Clearing and Doosan Mobility Innovations.

The duo on Thursday (August 26) inked an agreement that will see AI-powered construction progress monitoring capabilities integrated into hydrogen drones used in infrastructure projects.

Considered a huge advancement for Doosan’s innovation, the added capabilities allow near real-time civil works and infrastructure construction progress tracking, advancing daily working operations.

By utilising the advanced technology, it is believed that both project durations and costs can be cut. Further to that, by utilising hydrogen-powered drones, emissions that would be otherwise generated onsite will be cut.

Hydrogen-powered drones are able to stay airborne for more than two hours which is three to four times longer than LiPo (lithium-ion polymer) drones, alleviating the need for multiple batteries and launch points.

On the partnership, Michael Mazur, CEO and co-founder at AI Clearing, said, “Many construction teams find data gathering with drones challenging as they have to change batteries very often which takes time.

“Combining DMI’s hardware with AI Clearing’s software solution allows our clients access to near real-time reporting remotely.

“We are very proud to form a partnership with a company from the Doosan Group, which was founded in 1896 and is one of the largest construction machinery manufacturers in the world.”

Doo Soon Lee, CEO of Doosan Mobility Innovation, added, “Companies that have come to realise business value derived through data gathered by drones are increasingly demanding longer flight time.

“This is the case for sites difficult to access in one flight, sites where efficiency is significantly reduced with battery drones due to large scale, or when you want to perform multiple missions using long flight time.

“The combination of AI Clearing’s AI-powered construction progress monitoring solution and DMI’s long endurance drone solution will meet these growing client needs and open up more opportunities for drone industrialisation.”

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